About Us

Civic Platform is a non-governmental organization founded in April 2017 advocating for the establishment of a democratic, well-organized and modern state, based on the rule of law and full respect of human and minority rights. We strongly believe that individual freedoms are the foundation of each modern society. At the same time, exercising these freedoms should be in balance with the common good, i.e. they should be also contributing to reaching an appropriate level of social justice. We also strongly believe that the market economy, along with civic and political rights and freedoms, are the source of wellbeing and progress, as well as that the state has a legitimate role in correcting market failures, particularly in the realm of poverty reduction, education and social protection. Last but not least, we are deeply convinced that the ends do not justify the means no matter how noble these ends might be.



Creating a new political culture and contributing to democratic renewal of the political scene based on the principles of tolerance and competence.


Strengthening market economy – small and medium enterprises as the engine of economic growth.


Public sector and state owned companies reform based on the principles of efficiency, competency, and transparency.


Decentralization and deconcentration as a basis of democratic, free and open society.


High quality education system, science and research as a precondition for societal progress and sustainable development.


Creative economy, with culture and arts at its core, as the catalysts of social and economic vitality.  

Prominent members

Jovan Jovanović

Jovan Jovanović

President, Member of Parliament
Sonja Pavlović

Sonja Pavlović

Deputy President, Member of Parliament


Lana Pavlović-Aleksić:  PhD Art History, Cultural Policy Researcher


Đorđe Miljković: Head, Department of Immunology, Institute for Biological Research



Aleksandra Nijemčević: director at Altis Chemicals Ltd



Iztok Bojović: Communication and Development Consultant



Milutin Živanović: Graduate Teaching Assistant, Faculty of Economics, University of Belgrade



Veljko Bojović: PhD student, Berlin Doctoral Program in Economics and Management Science